Thursday, January 9, 2014

Needing More of Him

Well, it's been 9 days since I've shed a tear for 'what could've been'. Sure, I miss it. I'm only human. But exactly am I missing?
I sleep alone every night, so I'm not missing the warmth of another human being.
I'm alone quite often (not counting my boys), so I'm not missing the company.
I pay my own bills, so I'm not missing the financial piece.
I have my own sets of friends, so I'm not missing 'couple dates'.
I deal with my own problems and issues, so it's not like I have the support really.
I buy my own things, so it's not that I'm miss having someone buy me things.
Don't get me wrong, this wasn't all the time... Little things did happen, which I was so thankful for. But it only left me wanting more; more of his company. More of his love and affection. More of his time. More of everything. I was not satisfied with only half of his love or half of his time. I didn't want to share him. Selfishness on my part or hungry for love? Maybe a little bit of both? Probably.
Someone once told me God puts people on this Earth to take care of others. Is that me? Am i one of His chosen ones? Could that be why I feel the need to help others? To try and feed all the people who are hungry? To clothe the homeless when it's cold out? To make peace among friends? What??? That can't be right. I'm a sinner just like the next person...faaaaarrrr from perfect. Trust me on that. Maybe I just believe in what goes around comes around. I believe in giving second chances (not 400). I believe in giving respect if you want respect to be given back. I believe in putting out exactly what I want returned to me.  Yes!!! That sounds much better. I'm no Mother Theresa.  Lol!  I just wanna do good. I want good for others, really I do, despite what my ex's think or might say! ;)
I constantly see my friends and even some of my family and I wonder how they found each other. The spouses and boyfriends/girlfriends they have are so attentive to one another. They would never think about letting the other be alone. They inspire and support each other to be the best that they can be. They would never put someone or something else above their relationship. How did they get there? What makes them click? Is it true love? Or is it that each of them respect the relationship and follow through with taking care of one another? Or is it both? I know not every relationship is blissful 100% of the time but c'mon. These people know what they want, they have the respect, the trust is there, the affection...and so far, after talking to each couple, they all seem to have a common denominator; God. And that's it!! That's what I want. A spiritually grounded relationship. I want my future filled with God's love so strong that nothing or no one can comes between me and my future husband. I want Him to be so in love with Christ that the love he has flows freely onto me. So, first and foremost, I will give more of ME to The Lord, I will seek HIS company, HIS love, HIS affection, HIS everything. I truly believe in His plan for me!

~hopeful for true love

Thursday, January 2, 2014

Brittany's Brilliance

Just recently I read a little handy dandy booklet compiled by Brittany Bailey. My understanding is that she compiled this little handy dandy booklet after watching the movie He's Just Not That Into You, which I've seen before and have actually pathetically put myself in many of those characters. :/ In reading Brittany's little handy dandy booklet I noticed at the very end she left space so that I (I'm more than sure she left this open for me... lol) could add a few of my own personalized wants and needs from my future Prince Charming. Her heartfelt thoughts really hit home, not only because I've been in relationships that have failed for whatever reason, but because I also have friends and family members that I love dearly and I would love nothing more than to see them happy in life. This is in no way a man-hating-bashing post... simply a post with exactly what I would want to live my life with (and apparently Brittney would too, brilliant woman). It's caring, truthful and smart. I've added a couple (ok, like a bunch) of my own wants and needs in the mix. My hope is that anyone who reads this, just as I have read it a few thousand times in the last 6 hours, will take away some great qualities to look for in their future life partner.
I will only date and eventually marry...
A man who makes me feel so excited, I can't stop myself from wanting more
A man who doesn't keep me guessing about his feelings and what he wants
A man who pursues me
A man who sees me as a bright spot in his day
A man who means it when he calls me baby
A man who forgets about all other things in life before he forgets about me
A man who does what he says he's gonna do
A man who doesn't make me feel anxious, uneasy or worse by being in a relationship with him than I did being alone
A man who makes an effort to be a peacemaker and bring harmony to fights and disagreements
A man who is not afraid of commitment and proud to call me his
A man who makes being around him natural and easy
A man who doesn't suppress his feelings to look cool or appear uninvolved
A man who never keeps me in the dark
A man who would never do anything to compromise the integrity of our relationship or get anywhere close
A man who can respectfully discuss issue's without manipulation or losing his temper
A man who is strong and tough, but not a 'bad boy'
A man with whom a relationship would bring me closer to my aspirations for the future
A man who makes me comfortable enough to bring up sensitive topics
A man who loves me enough to marry me in every time zone if that's what I wanted
A man who doesn't need forever to realize I'm the best thing that's ever happened to him
A man who would move mountains to keep me
A man who doesn't like to be without me, instead of just not wanting to be alone
A man who allows me to love freely, without restrictions
A man who treats me better than I feel I deserve
A man who doesn't have to heal in a relationship, but has already taken care of his past
A man who never belittles me to feel superior
A man who is clear in his everyday actions that my happiness is important to him
A man who goes out of his way to make sure I know my worth is infinite, that I'm smart, valuable and deserving of everything I ever wanted
A man who makes a constant attempt to love the people I hold dear and especially my family
A man who hungers for the information about me and doesn't spend our time solely talking about himself
A man who has the ability and desire to provide
A man who does not engage in any activity to an extent in which I feel uncomfortable
A man who treats me just as perfectly in public and around his friends as he does when we're alone
A man who honors the woman I am and have the potential to become
A man who will always want to protect me from the things that frighten me
A man that makes me hope that my sisters and best friends can find someone like him
A man who believes in love the verb, not the noun
A man so in tune and so in love with Christ that his love freely overflows onto me and our family
A man who chooses me as his second choice to God and not his friends
A man who will not lie about his whereabouts
A man who will be a role model to young children who will one day grow up and marry
A man who will be passionate and romantic in the sense that a simple touch on my face will make my heart flutter
A man who will look at me and see a future with
A man who will take charge and surprise me from time to time
A man who puts my feelings before his own
A man who knows how to read a woman
A man who wants to give me the world... and tries to do so
A man who is not embarrassed to show public display of affection in front of others
A man who knows my wants and needs and never stops trying to meet them

I will only date and marry a man who's love is profound, life-changing, healthy, uplifting, joyous, inspiring and intoxicating because I deserve a wonderfully fulfilling life.

Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Big Annual Vacation!

We are ready for our annual Thanksgiving vacation to a foreign country (Corpus Christi)! The plane tickets have been purchased (meaning the car has a full tank of gas), our Louis Vuitton luggage is packed and ready to go (and by Louis Vuitton I mean the HEB themed grocery bags you pick out at the registers),  all bills are paid (they really are... "thank you, Lord"), home is clean (for the most part), boy's room is immaculate (not really) and we are excited about our vacation!  I also have hired security to watch our mansion... (Mom and sis are both on patrol over LeApartmentdetres)

While on this 'vacation', I plan on:
Meeting with friends I haven't seen since High School (*clear throat, 10 years ago... we're so young)

Celebrate my son's birthday at an exclusive, very high class restaurant that serves the finest lobster and calamari, where we'll dine ocean side on a clear, beautiful brisk night (Boat 'N Net on blue painted steel tables/seats decorated with seagull shit with the taste of salt in the humid air)

Do a night of dancing at the finest country club style lounge where our chauffeur will drive us to and from in the Hummer limo...(Roper's country club where wine is served from a box and a Hummer limo is part of the imagination)

Celebrate Thanksgiving with Royalty; where dysfunction is non-existent, the thanksgiving table is not two portable tables put together running all the way into the living room to accommodate the entire family, where we do NOT, under any circumstance, drink from red solo cups and where the children are NOT allowed to dine in a separate room so the adults can talk about them. (We actually ARE dysFUNctional, our tables ARE portable, but the Christmas table cloth(s) make it look like one loooong table, we DO drink from red solo cups (and eat off of Chinet), and the children DO have their own table because they shouldn't be around the cousins who talk about chinballs (inside joke))

Do a movie night in the chateau complete with fur throws, escargot, fine chilled wine sitting near the roaring, crackling fire in our silk lounge wear (Aunt's house, UT Longhorn throws, ELF movie, chocolate cake and strong pina coladas to wash that down... no roaring, crackling fire (it's 80 degrees in CC) and we probably don't own silk... just cotton)

Celebrate other birthdays (Sharon, Aunt Alicia, Gabriel and Danielle) where they will each receive a personal check for 10,000.00 (a great big hug and a card)

But mainly, this vacation to a far away land is to give thanks. We give thanks for all the blessings in our lives. The hardships that make us stronger, the love that unites us as a family, the bonds we create every time we're together, the laughs that get us through another year, the hugs we don't get every day and for the silver Christmas tree that Grandma puts up every year to remind us that little things have ginormous meaning! To everyone.... Happy Thanksgiving and I'm truly not sure if I will be attacking Black Friday due to past Black Friday trauma, therefore, there may not be a 'Black Friday' post!  I love each of you!!!

~a thankful me

Friday, November 1, 2013


Some of you know me very well.. lucky you... lol  For those of you who DO know me well, know that the majority of my life I've struggled with nutrition. My whole life I've been a food junkie. I loved all the bad stuff; sugars, carbs, fried meals and if there were fried Oreos or Twinkies...EVEN BETTER! Sodas took the place of water and my four food groups were pretty much the same as Buddy, the Elf: candy, candy corn, candy cane and syrup.
Eating all the junk for so long began to take a toll on my health, naturally. Poor eating habits, for me, led to weight gain (who knew?), feeling lethargic (yawn), an unhealthy digestive system (no need for details... you're welcome), and even depression (blah, I hated looking in the mirror). I was even more concerned with what the future could possible bring as far as diabetes, cancer, etc., etc. Scary. Veggies meant nothing to me.
Carrots- yuck
Celery- ew, gross
Asparagus- what's that?
Tomatoes- only in ketchup form
Onions- you're kidding, right?
Broccoli- tastes like dirt
The only veggies I liked and ate tons of were corn and potatoes. If the potatoes were sweet and loaded with brown sugar and marshmallows... hello! I could eat that all day long! I would eat fruit, but not nearly enough. Water was a 'flavorless' liquid to me and if I had one bottle down a week, I was doing fantastic! Awful, awful, awful, I know. At this point in my life I was thankful I didn't weigh 30 tons.

I had so much going on in my life, that I was comfortable coping with my issues and problems with a huge bowl of Mac n Cheese with a side of cake. :) Sometimes even a 'small' fish bowl size margarita to wash that down! My boys would dispute that 'small' size, but....anyway...
The responsibilities of single parenting are tough. I'm sure many of you know that. The finances, the lack of time, the running around with carpool, the duties at home, added family issues and trying to maintain a smile while doing it all can completely ware you down. Which, I pretty much was bone dry. Tired and exhausted, I'd go to bed at night feeling defeated and unaccomplished. I knew I needed to do something, just didn't know exactly what I needed at that time.

September 2013.  I was miserable. Felt completely BLAH. I needed something. My digestive system was not in tip top shape, and now, on top of everything else, I was having back pain, headaches, sleepless nights, and unbearable heartburn. I was popping heartburn tablets like candy and washing them down with Pepsi or Big Red. Note to self: totally defeats the purpose of helping the heartburn. My cousin reintroduced AdvoCare to me and I'll never forget her words, "Just try it". So, I did. I had nothing to lose except unwanted weight and unwanted stress. I signed up as a distributor and signed up for the 24 day challenge (God, help me), but..... BEST DECISION EVER!!! *insert happy dance

I started my 10 day cleanse September 21st. I was so bloated and uncomfortable and looked... well, we don't need to discuss that... moving right along. I could not believe my results after the 10 days alone. I could actually see me feet again. lol! I did not record my weight only because my main focus was to 'feel' better first. I had no idea that I would lose inches. SLAP ME SILLY! I continued with my challenge and completed my 24 days thinner, lighter and more energetic (I love you Spark). Truth is, we all know that eating better and drinking lots of water and working out can give you good results too, however, for me, I sit at my desk 8 hours a day and still hustle it once I get home. I don't have much time for anything else. I needed AdvoCare to 'jumpstart' my weight loss and AdvoCare has given me HOPE, ENERGY to actually get off my butt and work out, and has MOTIVATED me to eat better (yes, including veggies) and drink more water. I'm still working the business side of AdvoCare so that I can add freedom/time to that list!

Today is day 42. I'm down one size (not bad, AnnaMarie), I no longer feel that 'stuff' around my midsection resting on my thighs when I sit down (lol) and I'm even more motivated today to eat better and workout more. I have a long ways to go before I'm sporting that bikini this coming summer, but I'm 42 days closer than I was! I no longer have back pain, headaches are gone, I sleep like a baby and I have energy (thank you Spark)!!! My eating habits are crazy different! Today I had pot roast with onions, celery, carrots and lean meat... I was scooping it all up! Everything! Even celery! Crazy. :) Water, oh wonderful water... I drink about 4 bottles a day! I use to be a camel, now I'm a fish. I find that my body is craving the good stuff now. Don't get me wrong, I still have a 'cheat day' and I still enjoy a little something sweet, but it's no where near what I was eating! I love where I'm headed...

I'm so excited to pass this along! I know there are lots of you out there dealing with stress of everyday life and struggling to lose unwanted weight. AdvoCare may be the answer for you... "Just try it".

Also, I have to throw this in; I just started the business side of AdvoCare and I'm already earning... BONUS! Who doesn't want extra income? Who doesn't want extra time with their family? WHO DOESN'T WANT FINANCIAL FREEDOM and AWESOME HEALTH? Win, win! I'm so glad I made the decision to do this. Super excited. (Thank you, Angela) There's more where that came from... It's just the beginning! To be continued....


Friday, July 19, 2013

Our Trip Downtown

June 26th was my last entry. It's weird that I'm back so soon considering I was gone for months prior to June 26th. I've had plenty going on in the last few weeks. I know, I know,,,, I always have crap going on. So, let's see... There were a few birthdays; my Carolyn who turned 27 again and MY AUSTIN JAMES, who turned 13! I know, it's hard to believe I have a 13 year old! I have no wrinkles, no fat, no gray, no bladder problems, no nothing! (Um hmmm...) anyway...
HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO ALL WHO GOT ANOTHER YEAR UNDER THEIR BELTS! And to my precious gift, Austin, I love you more than life itself! You are my everything! *tear *sniffle *snot wipe *smile

Now for other stuff.  As some of you know, my awesome brother has decided to do undercover work in jail and must reside there for a while. When I say 'undercover' I really mean 'time'. Yes, He screwed up, but God is bigger than any mistake!

So, here's the story. My sister calls me Saturday night and asks me if I'm still planning on going with her to the jail. My quick response was, "Of course!" I figured I'd head to church at 11 am, have lunch, and we'd go to visit him. Wrong. She says to me, "we need to be there by 7".  I'm thinking GREAT! I'll have time to do other stuff in between...wrong again. She meant 7am. I'm not even in my first dream at 7am! Even during the work week I'm a zombie until noon-ish. I was like, "damn, really? wth? why? Do they all wake up that early? Because if so, that sucks." I'm pretty sure it's no walk in the park where he is, however, what else is there to do besides sleep and think of ways to escape? Just saying...
Krista then tells me to pick her up by 630...AM. And that I should dress 'uncute'. Whatever that means. After she repeated that phrase a few times I finally understood she meant dress like a homeless bridge rat. No problem. I'll just go in with no makeup, a ball cap, t-shirt (preferably an old, ratty one) and jeans. Sounds like I'll be looking like my sister after all!!! JUST KIDDING KRISTA! Don't shoot me!

Sunday's alarm was set for 5am. Why? I guess I thought I needed an hour and a half to look dirty. I end up crawling back into bed at 6. My phone rings at 6:20. It's the dreaded sister call. "Pick me up by 7:30".  I KNEW IT! She went out the night before and was hung over! Awesome! That meant I got another few minutes of shut eye!! yay! I woke up at 7, threw my hair up in a stupid, messed up pony tail, threw on some jeans, flip flops and the first top I grabbed out of my closet and threw it on as I scrambled down the stairs. Yes, I was able to spit shower and brush my fangs for those of you who were wondering. I wore my best deodorant and a touch of coconut body lotion as well.

I head over to pick her up with only my phone, DL and debit card. The phone was for an emergency. I knew where we were going and I wasn't about to take any chances! For those of you who know me, you know I'm the biggest chicken shit of all time! Not lying. The DL was for obvious reasons... identification. The debit card was for parking and apparently for my sister's breakfast. I saw that coming.  I get to my sister's house and she comes out wearing a cute outfit, hair all done and made up! "What???" I was like, "YOU SAID TO LOOK GROSS!  I'M STILL WEARING LAST NIGHT'S MAKEUP!!!" She grinned and said, "Me too, mine just stayed on way better". hmmmm.... I was about to kick her ass when my favorite song came on the radio and I was distracted... sorta like Dori from Nemo. Nothing I could do now about my outfit or makeup. I had no purse which means no makeup, no lips, no nothing! I couldn't help but ask why she decided to look way better than me... her answer was simple; "what if I find my soul mate?" Confused I responded with, "you mean 'inmate'???" I wasn't sure I needed to know more, but she proceeded to clarify her statement...
"I mean a cop, or an attorney or prison guard". Prison guard??? Really?? She should've stopped at 'attorney'. lol But that's my sista... She's just thinking ahead on how to clear future tickets she may obtain... smart, I must say.

We get to the bottom of the pit (downtown), lock all doors and play the part. I sank in the driver's seat with one hand on the steering wheel, turned up the bass and gave dirty killer looks at anyone who looked my way. I think the country music and my pony tail killed the look early on. It didn't work.  I now relied on my sister for protection. She's got tats so she fits in nicely. The one I had 'stamped' on the night before sorta washed off during my 'spit shower' that morning. Anyway, me, my hot pink toe nail polish and sister headed in. The lady standing at the conveyor belt looked at my sister and let her through. She looked at me and looked again and once more... I'm sure she noticed the confused look I was now giving her. I mean, did she need me to turn around, check me out??? Why was she looking at me that way? She finally says to me, "you'll need to button up your shirt. I don't know if they will let you in with it being 'scoop neck'." I said, "I'm sorry, what? What do you mean? I dressed like crap for this occasion! Is this frumpy outfit not good enough?" My sister yanks me over towards her and yanks off the elastic band from my pony tail and drapes my Amish looking locks over my shoulders!The only part of 'me' that was left was my pretty pink toe nail polish. Everything else from that point up was eww.

We make it pass the 'check point' and up the dirty, gross, sticky elevator. Germs everywhere! I didn't even have my hand sanitizer. I was going nuts. I made my sister push all the buttons, open all doors and hold me. lol It's a pretty gross place, I must say. As we're sitting there, waiting for our turn to see our brother this woman comes in and sits riiiiggghht next to me. She's wearing pretty much the same thing I'm wearing, only I KNOW she didn't bathe or brush her teeth. Definitely no deodorant or lotion.  She had no eyebrows except for the two she painted on. And those were lopsided. She had her gel-dried, crunchy looking hair up in some sort of jacked up bun. Her toes looked so gross. Had she walked barefoot in the street before putting on what was left of the foam chanclas? The crust was disgusting.  The polish definitely needed touching up.  She basically looked like she could kick my ass if I looked at her even through the side of my eye. So I didn't. I looked straight and didn't even move when she spoke to one of her thirty kids. Her breath was rancid and extremely foul. I was dry heaving the whole time, but still didn't move because I was afraid to lose my life right there in the filthy lobby.

It was time to go in and see our brother. He looked ok, considering the circumstances. I let my sister talk first, ONLY because I was afraid of what I might pick up off that germy phone that everyone uses. :/  It came my time to talk and as much as I wanted to talk to my brother all I could think about were the germs. The people to my right were obviously not happy campers. Every other word was a curse word, which was more than I wanted to hear.  Who then walks in and situates to the left of us???? None other than the woman from the lobby! Great. I've got germs on the phone, a sailor to my right and the aroma of ass and armpit flowing over from the cubicle on the left.

The stories my brother has are that out of a movie. Playing the 'part' is a big part of survival. He says he has guys who come up to him all the time asking if he's Mexican. I can totally understand their confusion. My brother is like 6-2, green eyes and white. Most Mexicans, including some in my own family (lol) are short, dark and own brown eyes. Not Joe. He's a little different. I'm sure he towers over most inmates which is a huge benefit.  Joe speaks more Spanish than I do.  Surprising, I know. I don't think he'll be messed with...or at least I pray he won't. "I love  you, Joe!!"

Krista and I held it all together until our time was cut off. 20 minutes of pure joy turned into sorrow. We walked out, looked at each other and didn't say a word. Again, I made her push the buttons on the elevator and open all doors that led anywhere. Krista's only words to me in the elevator were, "I gotta pee". Awesome. The building itself was disgusting, I couldn't even begin to imagine the lovely bathrooms.

I was right. Not even Krista made it past the door. The stench was unbearable. It definitely was no paradise in there...  No joke. Needless to say, she didn't pee and we were out of there!

That place is like no place I've ever been before. My experience was both happy and scary. I'll know next time what to expect.... and I'll try my hardest to smuggle in a few Clorox wipes.

Until next time,
~Joe's 'uncute' sister

Wednesday, June 26, 2013


Goodness, it's been a long time since I've visited my blog. Lot's going on, for sure...

I know I won't touch on every single thing that has happened in the last four months because then we'd be here for, well, 4 months!  You're probably thanking your lucky stars right now (shame on you), so instead, I'll bore you with a few highlights:

My grandma turned 90 in March! This is the biggest reason for not blogging. It took so much time from myself and every family member to put this fiesta together! We had Mexican paper flores (flowers, for you white folk) up the butt! It was crazy, beautiful, fun and a blast!!! We had a photo booth and that alone was a hit! The decorations were crazy cute, every detail, thoroughly thought of. Grandma partied until 2am, no joke... The rest of us were sleeping in a corner by 11pm, bundled up with ear plugs and our serapes.  She had the music turned up loud and danced until she was forced out of the hall.  She won the mariachi singing contest, limbo contest, beer chugging contest and grito contest. We convinced her that a swimsuit contest wouldn't be necessary until summer time. Yep, 90 at it's best!!! I'm kidding about the being 'forced out of the hall' part. We weren't about to let her bail! We hired cops just to make sure she wouldn't escape the cleaning up! lol 
My Grandma couldn't look better, feel better and be a better woman! She's AMAZING! I could live a thousand life times with her and it wouldn't be enough for me! "I love you, Grandma Gomez"!!!

Next major event began the day after our hangovers from Grandma's 90th subsided... Jacob's graduation. Yes, believe it or not (and you better not!) I have a son who's graduating high school! Time has flown by for sure. Gone are the days when I hated doing laundry and making his bed and picking up after him... now, I ask him for laundry, love to make his bed (even crawl in it just to hug his pillow at times) and pick up all the crap he leaves on the floor!!! It's all that's left for me to do. He's all grown up! *tear 
Jacob is showing to be very responsible (minus the crap on his floor), intelligent (just like his momma), talented (just like his momma)  and wonderful (just like his momma)! Kuddos for me, pat on the back!
Jacob will be joining the Air Force soon and will begin his new adult life. *tear, sniffle, nose wipe
Me: "Jacob, are you sure you know how to cook good, healthy meals?"
Jacob: "Yes, mom, you taught me, and I also have google."
Me: "Do you know how to do laundry?"
Jacob: "Yes, you throw everything in together."
Me: *eyes widen, mouth opens, OCD is killing me right about now
Jacob: *laughing..."yes, Mom, you showed me that too."
Me: "What about rent? Do you know what to do?"
Jacob: "Mom? You did a wonderful job raising me, you're outstanding, you're beautiful, still young and attractive, the best mom in the entire world...."
OK, he didn't say all that, but I wish he had!! lol  Jacob is well on his way to a successful future. "I love you, Jacob, I couldn't be more proud of you and I will always be there to do your laundry!"

I gained a few kids along the way.  Nolan (7), Joseph (3) and baby Eva Jo (1 1/2).  Just blessed beyond belief to have these wonderful children so close to me! They bring me laughs and so much joy.  The best part is I can drop them off Sunday night! lol  just kidding...
It's funny how when you're young with kids, you still manage to look good.  I mean, you bathe, fix your hair, put on your makeup, find the perfect outfit with matching accessories, you still laugh, show off the cool kiddie gadgets, nails are done, etc. etc.  As time moves forward, there are a few things that change like:
You no longer bathe, your hair, if you have any left, goes up into a messy bun (thank goodness that's kinda in style). Makeup lasts a week, regardless if it looks good or not.  Your outfits become warm-ups and a ratty, old Twisted Sister and Night Ranger concert t-shirts or, whatever you can pick out of the laundry pile from two months ago. You no longer use accessories. Laughing turns into bitching and crying (me, not the kids). The newest kiddie gadgets are no longer high tech. They're now whatever pieces of rope you find to secure them in the back seat of your car, old Bill Miller containers so there's enough 'snacks' for the entire group of kids, cups with lids that don't match (which goes against my OCD), and an old boom box in the back of the stroller with relaxation cassette tapes playing in hopes the kids will fall asleep before the batteries run out.  Nails? ya, right! If I have two left, I'm doing good. It's all good, though! I love it! Who needs sleep anyway?

It's obvious more has happened in between those 3 major events, but it's also obvious those 3 major events have taken up every last minute of my time! lol  Hopefully, at this point in my life, I can begin blogging again and keep y'all updated on my crazy, dysfunctional, but very happy life!  Welcome back!


Monday, February 11, 2013

Gracie and I have switched places...

Well, I never thought it would happen, but it has... I've become my mother.  I've tried my entire life not to do or say some of the things Gracie has done and said but I caved a couple of weekends ago.  I've taken a while to post this only because I've felt kinda bad about the whole thing... but at that time I was, as Jacob described me, a professional attorney who got shit done in a classy way! I'm still a little proud. :)  Here's the story...

Jacob asked Gracie if she could take him to Home Depot. Gracie was getting hungry and would have rather picked up lunch. Jacob's clever idea; "Why don't you pick up lunch and eat it in the truck with Raeya while I run into Home Depot?" Somehow, weirdly enough, Gracie agreed.  They left.  I stayed home doing what I do best...nothing.  Like an hour later I see Jacob walking up the stairs with this look on his face that implied there had been an altercation between Gracie and someone.  No shock to me.  I asked Jacob, "Did Grandma get a free meal?" He replied, "I'll let her tell you what happened." This is never good.

Gracie comes up the stairs and I'm standing there waiting to see what restaurant she got us banned from. 
Me: "What happened Mom?"
She rattled off in Espanol and I managed to get 'bitch' and 'pissed off' out of her 20 minute speech.

She proceeds to tell me that the cashier at DQ (of all places,,, thank goodness we don't go there much) is taking my mom's order and making her feel stupid in the process.  That cashier's first mistake was making my mother feel stupid. Period. End of story. Gracie does not take well to tones of such. She drives up to the window and tells the cashier in the most friendliest way possible that she needs to adjust her attitude. Did I mention she called the cashier a witch?  To her face?  Oh ya.  True story and I totally believe it.  This took me back to many occasions where Gracie had no problem telling it like it was.  Even when she was pregnant with my sister. Big bellied and all.  Did not care.

The cashier looked extremely shocked, as per Jacob's witnessing.  The cashier turned and called Gracie a bitch.  Cashier's second mistake. I don't take well to words of such towards my mother. 

I immediately forgot how I had always told myself I would never become my mother, but in that moment she told me how she had just been disrespected and not served....I saw red. RED! I looked up the number, called the manager, let her have it and got the girl fired. My job was done.  I felt good with the turn out and even got a free meal.  After all of that, my mom says the most shocking words I've ever heard her say.

"I don't want her fired." 

"WHAAAAAAT??? I did all that, became you for like 30 minutes (only more professional), got this person fired, felt accomplished and good that I had actually taken care of business for once in my entire life, protected my mother and you don't want her fired???!!! She called you a bitch and you don't want her fired???!!! Are you feeling OK? What just happened here?? Did we switch roles? I'm usually the one hiding in fetal position somewhere to avoid a confrontation. OMG! It has happened, hasn't it? I'm you and you're me.  Crap." *head hung*

Gracie proceeds to call DQ and tells the manager the exact same story I told her, but like 8 times, then says, "I don't want her fired". Thanks Gracie.  I felt like I could rule the world for a bit and now my balls were gone. Just like that.  No mas.  I no longer wear the cape.  I've been deflated.  

To this day I have no clue if this girl was actually fired or not, but I won't dare step foot into that DQ for at least 30 years for safety reasons. 

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