Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Big Annual Vacation!

We are ready for our annual Thanksgiving vacation to a foreign country (Corpus Christi)! The plane tickets have been purchased (meaning the car has a full tank of gas), our Louis Vuitton luggage is packed and ready to go (and by Louis Vuitton I mean the HEB themed grocery bags you pick out at the registers),  all bills are paid (they really are... "thank you, Lord"), home is clean (for the most part), boy's room is immaculate (not really) and we are excited about our vacation!  I also have hired security to watch our mansion... (Mom and sis are both on patrol over LeApartmentdetres)

While on this 'vacation', I plan on:
Meeting with friends I haven't seen since High School (*clear throat, 10 years ago... we're so young)

Celebrate my son's birthday at an exclusive, very high class restaurant that serves the finest lobster and calamari, where we'll dine ocean side on a clear, beautiful brisk night (Boat 'N Net on blue painted steel tables/seats decorated with seagull shit with the taste of salt in the humid air)

Do a night of dancing at the finest country club style lounge where our chauffeur will drive us to and from in the Hummer limo...(Roper's country club where wine is served from a box and a Hummer limo is part of the imagination)

Celebrate Thanksgiving with Royalty; where dysfunction is non-existent, the thanksgiving table is not two portable tables put together running all the way into the living room to accommodate the entire family, where we do NOT, under any circumstance, drink from red solo cups and where the children are NOT allowed to dine in a separate room so the adults can talk about them. (We actually ARE dysFUNctional, our tables ARE portable, but the Christmas table cloth(s) make it look like one loooong table, we DO drink from red solo cups (and eat off of Chinet), and the children DO have their own table because they shouldn't be around the cousins who talk about chinballs (inside joke))

Do a movie night in the chateau complete with fur throws, escargot, fine chilled wine sitting near the roaring, crackling fire in our silk lounge wear (Aunt's house, UT Longhorn throws, ELF movie, chocolate cake and strong pina coladas to wash that down... no roaring, crackling fire (it's 80 degrees in CC) and we probably don't own silk... just cotton)

Celebrate other birthdays (Sharon, Aunt Alicia, Gabriel and Danielle) where they will each receive a personal check for 10,000.00 (a great big hug and a card)

But mainly, this vacation to a far away land is to give thanks. We give thanks for all the blessings in our lives. The hardships that make us stronger, the love that unites us as a family, the bonds we create every time we're together, the laughs that get us through another year, the hugs we don't get every day and for the silver Christmas tree that Grandma puts up every year to remind us that little things have ginormous meaning! To everyone.... Happy Thanksgiving and I'm truly not sure if I will be attacking Black Friday due to past Black Friday trauma, therefore, there may not be a 'Black Friday' post!  I love each of you!!!

~a thankful me

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