Monday, December 31, 2012

27 Random Acts of Kindness...MY NEW YEAR'S RESOLUTION

My New Year's resolution this year will be something special! I promise to do 27 random acts of kindness in honor of each child who lost their life needlessly, the courageous teachers who lost their lives protecting those precious babies and the mother who was just a mom like myself on December 14, 2012. 


Jesse Lewis
Josephine Gay
Olivia Engel
James Mattioli
Grace McDonnell
Charlotte Bacon
Daniel Barden
Dylan Hockley
Chase Kowalski
Madeleine Hsu
Ana Marquez-Greene
Emilie Parker
Jack Pinto
Allison Wyatt
Jessica Rekos
Caroline Previdi
Avielle Richman
Benjamin Wheeler
Noah Pozner
Catherine Hubbard
Anne Marie Murphy
Dawn Hochsprung
Rachel Davino
Victoria Soto
Lauren Rousseau
Mary Sherlach
Nancy Lanza

Let the acts begin!!!! And let them continue well after.  RIP angels! This is for you!


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  1. What a special resolution! If you’re on Facebook, there is a page dedicated to 26 Acts of Kindness. You can find it by doing a search for ‘26 acts of kindness' []. The page allows people to share their stories, post pictures, and see some of the remarkable true random acts of kindness being committed. Good luck with spreading your 27 acts of kindness this year as well as with continued efforts to pay it forward after the fact.