Friday, December 2, 2011

Birthday shout-outs!!!

Happy birthday to my little brother Gabriel and my cousin Danielle & my aunt Alicia.  I really feel the need to post this partially because it's so close to Christmas and I can't afford to burn any bridges!  lol  just kidding! Seriously, because these wonderful people are my family!!! I love them each very much.

"Gabriel, Danielle, and Tia Alicia, HAPPY BIRTHDAY & I LOVE YOU ALL!"
 Here are a couple of pics:

Danielle with her creation of eating while drinking in order to stay sober! Hope it worked
on the night of your birthday!  Happy Birthday!

Me and my cowboy!  Happy Birthday Bro!

The only photo I have readily available to me of my Aunt is one that my 'dirty, rotten, cousin' Stephanie sent me where I'm in the picture wearing lavender short, shorts, and a hooker top!  Not too mention the tennie shoes were definitely NOT Antonio Melani or Gianni Bini's!  They were probably some kind of ugly Jordache brand shoes from good 'ol K-Mart.  There's no way in hell that picture was gonna show up on this blog!  So, "Happy Birthday, Tia Alicia!  I love you"!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

What I wanna know is why anyone in their right mind would let me walk outside dressed like that!  Knowing my family, it was because they KNEW they were gonna take pics and one day, just one day they would use this to embarrass the hell out of me!  It worked.  It also made me sad that I was so ugly! All the other cousins looked really cute in their homemade outfits Tia Patsy made them!  Me?  Lavender shorts.  'Nuff said!  

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