Thursday, January 2, 2014

Brittany's Brilliance

Just recently I read a little handy dandy booklet compiled by Brittany Bailey. My understanding is that she compiled this little handy dandy booklet after watching the movie He's Just Not That Into You, which I've seen before and have actually pathetically put myself in many of those characters. :/ In reading Brittany's little handy dandy booklet I noticed at the very end she left space so that I (I'm more than sure she left this open for me... lol) could add a few of my own personalized wants and needs from my future Prince Charming. Her heartfelt thoughts really hit home, not only because I've been in relationships that have failed for whatever reason, but because I also have friends and family members that I love dearly and I would love nothing more than to see them happy in life. This is in no way a man-hating-bashing post... simply a post with exactly what I would want to live my life with (and apparently Brittney would too, brilliant woman). It's caring, truthful and smart. I've added a couple (ok, like a bunch) of my own wants and needs in the mix. My hope is that anyone who reads this, just as I have read it a few thousand times in the last 6 hours, will take away some great qualities to look for in their future life partner.
I will only date and eventually marry...
A man who makes me feel so excited, I can't stop myself from wanting more
A man who doesn't keep me guessing about his feelings and what he wants
A man who pursues me
A man who sees me as a bright spot in his day
A man who means it when he calls me baby
A man who forgets about all other things in life before he forgets about me
A man who does what he says he's gonna do
A man who doesn't make me feel anxious, uneasy or worse by being in a relationship with him than I did being alone
A man who makes an effort to be a peacemaker and bring harmony to fights and disagreements
A man who is not afraid of commitment and proud to call me his
A man who makes being around him natural and easy
A man who doesn't suppress his feelings to look cool or appear uninvolved
A man who never keeps me in the dark
A man who would never do anything to compromise the integrity of our relationship or get anywhere close
A man who can respectfully discuss issue's without manipulation or losing his temper
A man who is strong and tough, but not a 'bad boy'
A man with whom a relationship would bring me closer to my aspirations for the future
A man who makes me comfortable enough to bring up sensitive topics
A man who loves me enough to marry me in every time zone if that's what I wanted
A man who doesn't need forever to realize I'm the best thing that's ever happened to him
A man who would move mountains to keep me
A man who doesn't like to be without me, instead of just not wanting to be alone
A man who allows me to love freely, without restrictions
A man who treats me better than I feel I deserve
A man who doesn't have to heal in a relationship, but has already taken care of his past
A man who never belittles me to feel superior
A man who is clear in his everyday actions that my happiness is important to him
A man who goes out of his way to make sure I know my worth is infinite, that I'm smart, valuable and deserving of everything I ever wanted
A man who makes a constant attempt to love the people I hold dear and especially my family
A man who hungers for the information about me and doesn't spend our time solely talking about himself
A man who has the ability and desire to provide
A man who does not engage in any activity to an extent in which I feel uncomfortable
A man who treats me just as perfectly in public and around his friends as he does when we're alone
A man who honors the woman I am and have the potential to become
A man who will always want to protect me from the things that frighten me
A man that makes me hope that my sisters and best friends can find someone like him
A man who believes in love the verb, not the noun
A man so in tune and so in love with Christ that his love freely overflows onto me and our family
A man who chooses me as his second choice to God and not his friends
A man who will not lie about his whereabouts
A man who will be a role model to young children who will one day grow up and marry
A man who will be passionate and romantic in the sense that a simple touch on my face will make my heart flutter
A man who will look at me and see a future with
A man who will take charge and surprise me from time to time
A man who puts my feelings before his own
A man who knows how to read a woman
A man who wants to give me the world... and tries to do so
A man who is not embarrassed to show public display of affection in front of others
A man who knows my wants and needs and never stops trying to meet them

I will only date and marry a man who's love is profound, life-changing, healthy, uplifting, joyous, inspiring and intoxicating because I deserve a wonderfully fulfilling life.

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