Thursday, July 5, 2012

grandma, granDMA, GRANDMA!

Today is day 19 that my boys have been gone for their summer vacation.  Last night was hard for me simply because I miss them entirely too much.  I already had to endure, yet, another of Austin's birthdays without him so it just really hits home.  I haven't talked to my boys in a couple days- saddens me.  But I know they are enjoying 'their' time and who am I to spoil it for them? They deserve all the happiness and I know they'll be home soon.  In the mean time,,,
I've had Grandma here with me for two weeks.  Tomorrow I drive her back home to Corpus Christi.  I'm usually excited about going to Corpus because I get to see family and friends...and Grandma, of course.  This time is a little different.  I'm actually going home but to drop her off and return alone.  Ugh!  Enough of my sadness and gloom! Here are some of the things I'm grateful for:
1.  I had Grandma with me for two weeks- she made me laugh, kept me company and didn't flood my home or burn it down.  Let me explain.  Day one of Grandma's stay: I come home and begin to prepare dinner.  So, obviously, we want to 'wash up'.  Well, Grannie goes into the bathroom, turns on the faucet, washes her hands, dries them and goes to sit on the couch to wait for her meal to be served...funny right? Notice I said nothing about turning off the faucets! That's right...I serve the meals and I could hear something in the background.  I look around, confused. I've never heard this 'sound' for that long.  Sure enough, I follow the noise down the hall and see that the sink faucet is left running.  "Grandma, the sink?" "oh yes, it's nice" she says as she watches TV.  I clear my throat and ask, "Grandma, do you need the water still?" "No, thank you." Confused I turn the sink off and gently remind her to turn off the water when she's done next time.  Sweetly I say, "just remember next time to turn the faucet off, OK?"  She laughs and asks, "Ohhhh I forgot?" I reassured her it was OK.
Day two of Grandma's stay: I'm in my room, messing around with my phone and I begin to smell this awful, rancid, yucky smell.  I look around, confused again, trying to figure out the stench.  Like toucan, I follow my nose into the kitchen where Grandma is getting something to snack on.  Snacking usually includes coffee.  Instant coffee, which means she has to heat the water.  Well, she put the plastic cup of water in the microwave and decided that one minute wasn't enough time and gave it just a wee bit more time,,, like an hour!! I go straight to the microwave and see this cup beginning to really, really burn....smelly burn! I stop the microwave and open the door.  The smell is so gross and Grandma has paid no attention to the smell- she's still getting her snacks together and has no idea what's going on behind her.  "Grandma, your cup is scorched!" She looks at me, pays no attention and says, "I'm warming up the water for my coffee." "um...Grammie, you're actually burning the cup that holds your water for your coffee!" Something finally clicks with Grandma and she says, "OH MY GOD! It's more than ready."  I'll say!!! I begin to pour the water down the sink and I hear it sizzle it's way out of the cup.  You woulda thought I flushed money down the toilet! Grandma says to me, "NO! Don't throw it away! It's good water!" Now, I'm not an expert on lead poisoning and other types of poisoning buuuuttt, seems like it would be wrong to drink sizzling water from a scorched cup??? I don't know!!! Anyway, back to the things I'm grateful for:
2. My family is always close by!
3. I have many friends who will gladly pick up the phone to hear me cry! lol  I have had a lot of answering machines lately... just kidding!
4. I can still talk to my boys anytime I want except in the hours between 6am (when they go to bed) and 6 pm (when they wake up)!
5. I have time to do for 'me'...even though I'd rather do for 'them'.
And the best one is I get them back!!! 

We'll see how Sunday night goes, when I return home, alone! Looks like my sister is next in line to stay with me! lol  Anyhoo,,,, until next time and next story, adios!

~Grandma's granddaughter


  1. Maybe I can hitch a ride with you Saturday, and Aaron can pick me up on the way to Arlington Sunday :D

  2. I'll be in CC on Saturday. I'm headed back to San Antonio on Sunday as well. What time are you guys leaving to Arlington on Sunday?