Thursday, December 29, 2011

Christmas in a Nutshell- LITERALLY!

Where do I start?? So much to tell!  So much has gone on!  I've been sooo busy these last couple of weeks with the upcoming Christmas weekend.  Shopping, cookies, parties, birthdays, visits, etc., etc.!!!

I guess, I could start with the weekend BEFORE Christmas.  (Keep in mind that almost every minute of every day from this point on has had some sort of 'something going on, never ending' kinda feel to it.)

Tomkat's Christmas party:
For those of you who do not know the Tomkats- That would be Keila (Grace's sidekick friend) and Tom (Keila's poor husband).  They host a Christmas party every year, Dallas Cowboy style, so this isn't any sort of formal dress party.  You are more than welcome to show up in PJ's, which some did, or jersey's, or t-shirts.  It's a comfortable setting and fun for all.  I wore a cowboy tee complete with jeggings and flip flops.  Tony wore his Cowboy jersey and jeans, the rest wore...who cares!  Tony and I looked really cute!  I was the winner of a couple gifts, which I DID NOT use to regift...this year.  "That's right, Keila! Good job on the prizes!"  The food was amazing, the company was great, the atmosphere was pleasant and fun.  There was one guest who had a biiiiiit mcuh to dirnk!  Yes, you read that right! But the good news is she stayed in a corner while my 5 year old niece entertained her!  Overall, it was a great night!  Fun, fun, fun!  "Thank you, Keila and Tom, for another great year!" Below are a few pics from that night:

I love this picture!

Me and my beautiful momma!

Gracie and Keila

Me and Austin

Mom and Sis

Me and my sweet Raeya

My lovies

Hey!!! Wait a minute! She' making her move on my man!
The following night Tony and I had his work party.  The ugly Christmas sweater party.  I have nothing to say on that except this, I was the only one who was left wearing that awful, evil looking teddy bear sweater!  THE ONLY ONE!  Everyone else, either took their sweater off 5 minutes into the party, or changed their outfit completely!  I was not happy!  "Wine, more wine please!"  Amazingly, no one was hurt! lol  No pics to show! Fortunately!

The next night our cousin, his wife and FOUR young boys came to visit!  What a great visit!  It really was! We hadn't seen them in forever, and the last time they visited, they had three kiddos.  This year they brought FOUR!  Our cousin Chris comes from my uncle Joe's clan!  The 'Mogwai Gremlin' clan!  Just add water and they multiply!  I quickly erased toys from the Christmas list I made and added Time Warner Cable along with a new TV for the parents!  Juuuust joking!  It does, however, make for a good visit around Christmas with all the kids!  I was an only child, so even though I end up needing tons a Valium at the end of the night, I admit, I love the chaotic setting!  It was great seeing Chris and his very own family.




A couple days later we celebrated my sister's birthday.  "HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO MY SISTER WHOM I DEARLY LOVE WITH ALL MY HEART AND THE BOTTOM OF MY FEET!" It was a great dinner complete with cake, family and friends.  I absolutely love that I have such a wonderful sister!  She's made my life fun and I look forward to more exciting adventures with her. 

By the way, I have a special shout out to Ceci, who celebrated her birthday on the 22nd!!!  "HAPPY BIRTHDAY, CECILIA!!!"

This was just the beginning to more laughs, visits, fun and Christmas joy!


  1. Sounds like you had a great Christmas! So glad to see you happy!!

  2. it was awesome! i am happy! Finally! Brenna is just gorgeous. i love her pics. wish yall were closer. love you.