Friday, November 1, 2013


Some of you know me very well.. lucky you... lol  For those of you who DO know me well, know that the majority of my life I've struggled with nutrition. My whole life I've been a food junkie. I loved all the bad stuff; sugars, carbs, fried meals and if there were fried Oreos or Twinkies...EVEN BETTER! Sodas took the place of water and my four food groups were pretty much the same as Buddy, the Elf: candy, candy corn, candy cane and syrup.
Eating all the junk for so long began to take a toll on my health, naturally. Poor eating habits, for me, led to weight gain (who knew?), feeling lethargic (yawn), an unhealthy digestive system (no need for details... you're welcome), and even depression (blah, I hated looking in the mirror). I was even more concerned with what the future could possible bring as far as diabetes, cancer, etc., etc. Scary. Veggies meant nothing to me.
Carrots- yuck
Celery- ew, gross
Asparagus- what's that?
Tomatoes- only in ketchup form
Onions- you're kidding, right?
Broccoli- tastes like dirt
The only veggies I liked and ate tons of were corn and potatoes. If the potatoes were sweet and loaded with brown sugar and marshmallows... hello! I could eat that all day long! I would eat fruit, but not nearly enough. Water was a 'flavorless' liquid to me and if I had one bottle down a week, I was doing fantastic! Awful, awful, awful, I know. At this point in my life I was thankful I didn't weigh 30 tons.

I had so much going on in my life, that I was comfortable coping with my issues and problems with a huge bowl of Mac n Cheese with a side of cake. :) Sometimes even a 'small' fish bowl size margarita to wash that down! My boys would dispute that 'small' size, but....anyway...
The responsibilities of single parenting are tough. I'm sure many of you know that. The finances, the lack of time, the running around with carpool, the duties at home, added family issues and trying to maintain a smile while doing it all can completely ware you down. Which, I pretty much was bone dry. Tired and exhausted, I'd go to bed at night feeling defeated and unaccomplished. I knew I needed to do something, just didn't know exactly what I needed at that time.

September 2013.  I was miserable. Felt completely BLAH. I needed something. My digestive system was not in tip top shape, and now, on top of everything else, I was having back pain, headaches, sleepless nights, and unbearable heartburn. I was popping heartburn tablets like candy and washing them down with Pepsi or Big Red. Note to self: totally defeats the purpose of helping the heartburn. My cousin reintroduced AdvoCare to me and I'll never forget her words, "Just try it". So, I did. I had nothing to lose except unwanted weight and unwanted stress. I signed up as a distributor and signed up for the 24 day challenge (God, help me), but..... BEST DECISION EVER!!! *insert happy dance

I started my 10 day cleanse September 21st. I was so bloated and uncomfortable and looked... well, we don't need to discuss that... moving right along. I could not believe my results after the 10 days alone. I could actually see me feet again. lol! I did not record my weight only because my main focus was to 'feel' better first. I had no idea that I would lose inches. SLAP ME SILLY! I continued with my challenge and completed my 24 days thinner, lighter and more energetic (I love you Spark). Truth is, we all know that eating better and drinking lots of water and working out can give you good results too, however, for me, I sit at my desk 8 hours a day and still hustle it once I get home. I don't have much time for anything else. I needed AdvoCare to 'jumpstart' my weight loss and AdvoCare has given me HOPE, ENERGY to actually get off my butt and work out, and has MOTIVATED me to eat better (yes, including veggies) and drink more water. I'm still working the business side of AdvoCare so that I can add freedom/time to that list!

Today is day 42. I'm down one size (not bad, AnnaMarie), I no longer feel that 'stuff' around my midsection resting on my thighs when I sit down (lol) and I'm even more motivated today to eat better and workout more. I have a long ways to go before I'm sporting that bikini this coming summer, but I'm 42 days closer than I was! I no longer have back pain, headaches are gone, I sleep like a baby and I have energy (thank you Spark)!!! My eating habits are crazy different! Today I had pot roast with onions, celery, carrots and lean meat... I was scooping it all up! Everything! Even celery! Crazy. :) Water, oh wonderful water... I drink about 4 bottles a day! I use to be a camel, now I'm a fish. I find that my body is craving the good stuff now. Don't get me wrong, I still have a 'cheat day' and I still enjoy a little something sweet, but it's no where near what I was eating! I love where I'm headed...

I'm so excited to pass this along! I know there are lots of you out there dealing with stress of everyday life and struggling to lose unwanted weight. AdvoCare may be the answer for you... "Just try it".

Also, I have to throw this in; I just started the business side of AdvoCare and I'm already earning... BONUS! Who doesn't want extra income? Who doesn't want extra time with their family? WHO DOESN'T WANT FINANCIAL FREEDOM and AWESOME HEALTH? Win, win! I'm so glad I made the decision to do this. Super excited. (Thank you, Angela) There's more where that came from... It's just the beginning! To be continued....


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