Monday, February 11, 2013

Gracie and I have switched places...

Well, I never thought it would happen, but it has... I've become my mother.  I've tried my entire life not to do or say some of the things Gracie has done and said but I caved a couple of weekends ago.  I've taken a while to post this only because I've felt kinda bad about the whole thing... but at that time I was, as Jacob described me, a professional attorney who got shit done in a classy way! I'm still a little proud. :)  Here's the story...

Jacob asked Gracie if she could take him to Home Depot. Gracie was getting hungry and would have rather picked up lunch. Jacob's clever idea; "Why don't you pick up lunch and eat it in the truck with Raeya while I run into Home Depot?" Somehow, weirdly enough, Gracie agreed.  They left.  I stayed home doing what I do best...nothing.  Like an hour later I see Jacob walking up the stairs with this look on his face that implied there had been an altercation between Gracie and someone.  No shock to me.  I asked Jacob, "Did Grandma get a free meal?" He replied, "I'll let her tell you what happened." This is never good.

Gracie comes up the stairs and I'm standing there waiting to see what restaurant she got us banned from. 
Me: "What happened Mom?"
She rattled off in Espanol and I managed to get 'bitch' and 'pissed off' out of her 20 minute speech.

She proceeds to tell me that the cashier at DQ (of all places,,, thank goodness we don't go there much) is taking my mom's order and making her feel stupid in the process.  That cashier's first mistake was making my mother feel stupid. Period. End of story. Gracie does not take well to tones of such. She drives up to the window and tells the cashier in the most friendliest way possible that she needs to adjust her attitude. Did I mention she called the cashier a witch?  To her face?  Oh ya.  True story and I totally believe it.  This took me back to many occasions where Gracie had no problem telling it like it was.  Even when she was pregnant with my sister. Big bellied and all.  Did not care.

The cashier looked extremely shocked, as per Jacob's witnessing.  The cashier turned and called Gracie a bitch.  Cashier's second mistake. I don't take well to words of such towards my mother. 

I immediately forgot how I had always told myself I would never become my mother, but in that moment she told me how she had just been disrespected and not served....I saw red. RED! I looked up the number, called the manager, let her have it and got the girl fired. My job was done.  I felt good with the turn out and even got a free meal.  After all of that, my mom says the most shocking words I've ever heard her say.

"I don't want her fired." 

"WHAAAAAAT??? I did all that, became you for like 30 minutes (only more professional), got this person fired, felt accomplished and good that I had actually taken care of business for once in my entire life, protected my mother and you don't want her fired???!!! She called you a bitch and you don't want her fired???!!! Are you feeling OK? What just happened here?? Did we switch roles? I'm usually the one hiding in fetal position somewhere to avoid a confrontation. OMG! It has happened, hasn't it? I'm you and you're me.  Crap." *head hung*

Gracie proceeds to call DQ and tells the manager the exact same story I told her, but like 8 times, then says, "I don't want her fired". Thanks Gracie.  I felt like I could rule the world for a bit and now my balls were gone. Just like that.  No mas.  I no longer wear the cape.  I've been deflated.  

To this day I have no clue if this girl was actually fired or not, but I won't dare step foot into that DQ for at least 30 years for safety reasons. 

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