Wednesday, June 26, 2013


Goodness, it's been a long time since I've visited my blog. Lot's going on, for sure...

I know I won't touch on every single thing that has happened in the last four months because then we'd be here for, well, 4 months!  You're probably thanking your lucky stars right now (shame on you), so instead, I'll bore you with a few highlights:

My grandma turned 90 in March! This is the biggest reason for not blogging. It took so much time from myself and every family member to put this fiesta together! We had Mexican paper flores (flowers, for you white folk) up the butt! It was crazy, beautiful, fun and a blast!!! We had a photo booth and that alone was a hit! The decorations were crazy cute, every detail, thoroughly thought of. Grandma partied until 2am, no joke... The rest of us were sleeping in a corner by 11pm, bundled up with ear plugs and our serapes.  She had the music turned up loud and danced until she was forced out of the hall.  She won the mariachi singing contest, limbo contest, beer chugging contest and grito contest. We convinced her that a swimsuit contest wouldn't be necessary until summer time. Yep, 90 at it's best!!! I'm kidding about the being 'forced out of the hall' part. We weren't about to let her bail! We hired cops just to make sure she wouldn't escape the cleaning up! lol 
My Grandma couldn't look better, feel better and be a better woman! She's AMAZING! I could live a thousand life times with her and it wouldn't be enough for me! "I love you, Grandma Gomez"!!!

Next major event began the day after our hangovers from Grandma's 90th subsided... Jacob's graduation. Yes, believe it or not (and you better not!) I have a son who's graduating high school! Time has flown by for sure. Gone are the days when I hated doing laundry and making his bed and picking up after him... now, I ask him for laundry, love to make his bed (even crawl in it just to hug his pillow at times) and pick up all the crap he leaves on the floor!!! It's all that's left for me to do. He's all grown up! *tear 
Jacob is showing to be very responsible (minus the crap on his floor), intelligent (just like his momma), talented (just like his momma)  and wonderful (just like his momma)! Kuddos for me, pat on the back!
Jacob will be joining the Air Force soon and will begin his new adult life. *tear, sniffle, nose wipe
Me: "Jacob, are you sure you know how to cook good, healthy meals?"
Jacob: "Yes, mom, you taught me, and I also have google."
Me: "Do you know how to do laundry?"
Jacob: "Yes, you throw everything in together."
Me: *eyes widen, mouth opens, OCD is killing me right about now
Jacob: *laughing..."yes, Mom, you showed me that too."
Me: "What about rent? Do you know what to do?"
Jacob: "Mom? You did a wonderful job raising me, you're outstanding, you're beautiful, still young and attractive, the best mom in the entire world...."
OK, he didn't say all that, but I wish he had!! lol  Jacob is well on his way to a successful future. "I love you, Jacob, I couldn't be more proud of you and I will always be there to do your laundry!"

I gained a few kids along the way.  Nolan (7), Joseph (3) and baby Eva Jo (1 1/2).  Just blessed beyond belief to have these wonderful children so close to me! They bring me laughs and so much joy.  The best part is I can drop them off Sunday night! lol  just kidding...
It's funny how when you're young with kids, you still manage to look good.  I mean, you bathe, fix your hair, put on your makeup, find the perfect outfit with matching accessories, you still laugh, show off the cool kiddie gadgets, nails are done, etc. etc.  As time moves forward, there are a few things that change like:
You no longer bathe, your hair, if you have any left, goes up into a messy bun (thank goodness that's kinda in style). Makeup lasts a week, regardless if it looks good or not.  Your outfits become warm-ups and a ratty, old Twisted Sister and Night Ranger concert t-shirts or, whatever you can pick out of the laundry pile from two months ago. You no longer use accessories. Laughing turns into bitching and crying (me, not the kids). The newest kiddie gadgets are no longer high tech. They're now whatever pieces of rope you find to secure them in the back seat of your car, old Bill Miller containers so there's enough 'snacks' for the entire group of kids, cups with lids that don't match (which goes against my OCD), and an old boom box in the back of the stroller with relaxation cassette tapes playing in hopes the kids will fall asleep before the batteries run out.  Nails? ya, right! If I have two left, I'm doing good. It's all good, though! I love it! Who needs sleep anyway?

It's obvious more has happened in between those 3 major events, but it's also obvious those 3 major events have taken up every last minute of my time! lol  Hopefully, at this point in my life, I can begin blogging again and keep y'all updated on my crazy, dysfunctional, but very happy life!  Welcome back!


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