Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Ahhhh,,,, That Felt Awesome!

Today I had lunch with a wonderful lady.  Sharon Harris.  We had planned lunch a few days earlier, on her birthday, in fact.  "Happy Birthday again!!!" Anyway, today we enjoyed each other's company, talked a whole bunch, caught up on old times and laughed a bit.  Sharon has recently been through some pretty difficult times in her life, including the loss of her husband, Mike Harris.  I ask each of you who reads this to please lift her name in prayer.  Simple. 

Today I picked up our lunch tab for two reasons; one because I wanted too and two because I wanted to honor another Sandy Hook angel, Charlotte Bacon.  R.I.P. sweet little girl.

This past weekend we celebrated another great friend of the family.... Gracie's sidekick, Keila! Believe it or not, she and Gracie behaved!!!  I know, for sure, it's because Gracie hasn't been 100% with her illness.  Otherwise, I'm pretty sure I'd would have had to rescue them from jail.  We had a small, intimate dinner for her complete with an awesome cake Austin made.  Red Velvet with pudding, cool whip and crushed oreos.  (My backside thanks you, Austin!)
"Happy birthday, Keila! Hope you enjoyed your day."

This is a small entry but before I go I'd like to point out a blog I've added to my blog.  Michelle Hammond.  Talk about inspirational.  Go there! Read her stuff! She's awesome.... just like my aunt Mary who brought her to my attention!

Much love to all....

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